Ambiances... asbl

The page of our producer and distributor : 


The official Facebook page of the short : 

Orakei RSA

The place in Auckland where Philippe and I were threwn into the short by Māori tatoo artist Graham Tepene : 

28th Maori Pioneer Battalion

The site through which we got in touch with Māori historian Monty Soutar : 

Ngāti Rānana London Māori Club

A great association for anyone interested in Māori culture : 

The Hansen family

With special thanks to Sue, Kath and Stan, whose family is amongst the first European settlers in New Zealand : 

Embassy of New Zealand in Belgium

Another great link between New Zealand and Belgium, with special thanks to Mr. Ambassador Greg Andrews : 

Musées Héritage de Goesne

A unique place created by Dany and Roland, who supported us at every step of the short : 

Fondation Monique Martin

More about Gabrielle Vincent (alias Monique Martin), who inspired us for the visuals of the short : 

Mathieu Jadin's demo reel

An insight into the talent of Mathieu, who animated Waka Huia : 

TV Paint Animation

The software that was used to animate the short :